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I started blogging on May, 2007. Since then 48,575 people have visited my blog. I don't post popular Tech stuff or gossips, and no SEO, SMO or keyword optimization. Glad to know when somebody wants to know about weeds of Sri Lanka my blog is the best place. In 2007/2008 I posted some information about weed species of Sri Lanka and 1108 people have visited the blog via "weeds in sri lanka" search query. Check some keywords stats;


Automated Egg hatching machine

Automated egg hatching machines are very useful for urban farmers to 
manage there hatching within limited space. Automated egg hatching
machines creates health environment and give higher successful hatching 


Harvesting robots

Automated harvesting robots. Robotic farming machines reduce labor cost and
improves productivity.

Temperature and humidity sensors

How to read Temperature and humidity sensors.

Tea Processing

Video documentary on tea processing. Fully or semi-automated machines
can increase the productivity and reduce the cost of production.

The Future of factory automation

Factory automation is becoming an essential thing for Sri Lankan factories due to increase in labor cost and abundance of labor.  Specially Tea factories are facing difficulties due to higher labor cost.


Classification of Agricultural Crops in Sri Lanka

Agriculture crops can be classified in many ways, but there is a standard classification initiated my Department of Agriculture (DOA) of Sri Lanka. Priority given to different types of crops change have change in last two decade. For example Minor export crops (සුලූ අ‍පනයන භෝග) slowly become a significant cash generating crop in expor market. Even though the land area under cultivation is relatively much low, contribution to the GDP is not much lower than major export crops (Tea, Rubber, Coconut). So now term Minor export crops have changed to Export agriculture crops (are not a minor crops any more) also Major export crops have changed to Plantation crops. Also new category of Forest trees are becoming a major industry now and extent under cultivation of Teak, Pinus like trees have increased up to 2% out of total land area in Sri Lanka.

Standard Classification of Agricultural
Crops of Sri Lanka

Plantation Crops
Export Agricultural Crops (Minor)
Timber Crops
Fruit Trees
Forest Trees
Medicinal Plants
Flower Plants
Foliage Plants
Fodder Plants
Field Crops (Food Crops)


Fruit Cultivation in Sri Lanka

Classification of Fruit crops
Tropical - Mango, Rambutan, Banana, Durian, Mangustin, (sweet) oranges,
Sub tropical - Oranges, Mango
Temperate - Apples, Pearce, Peach, Strew berry,
50 fruit crops grown in Sri Lanka Also there are internal variations.Production systems of fruits.
(i) Wild or uncultivated landsSome fruits can be gathered from wild of uncultivated lands. Longan (Mora), woodapple, Bale fruit, Dan, Himbutu
Uncultivated fruit crops contain lot of nutrients.
(ii) Home Garden levelMango, Banana, Oranges, Guawa, Durian
(iii) commercial cultivationBanana, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple
Distribution of Fruit cultivation in Sri Lanka
Home garden <0. 25 ha Small scale 0.25-2 ha Medium small 2-10 ha Large scale >10 ha
Cropping patterns
1. Mono crops.Ex: Banana, Papaya, Fashion fruit
2. Inter cropsEx: pineapple, Banana, Papaya
3. Mixed crops.Ex: Home home gardens.